Credit Evaluation System

Issuance of credit cards, is one of the incentive policies that increases the use of payment cards.
Using credit cards, the card holder can pay for his/her shopping up to a specified amount of money without having a deposit account in the bank depending on his/her credit in the bank and pay after a certain period.
Issuance of credit cards requires identifying bank customers and their credit risk. For this reason, some companies have been founded to generally assess the credit risk of customers.
Credit card providers give their customers credibility based on the credit reports provided by these companies.
With the issuance of a regulation titled "Executive Instructions on Issuance and Administration of Credit Purchase Card" in Iran, providing a center titled “Credit Control and Supervision Center - MAKNA" had been anticipated.
All banks and credit institutions have been obliged to send the required information to this center and inquire before issuing a credit card.
In addition to answer queries made by banks and card issuer institutions, the gathered information will be used to generate statistical reports.
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