Check Imaging System (CIS)-Chakavak

Product description
A check and paper receipt system abbreviated to Chakavak is a system for accepting and processing electronic bank check and performing transactions based on them in a completely electronic manner and the result of the processing will be returned electronically to the branch receiving the check.

This product is made with Java technology on Linux platform and includes two general subsystems. one of which is the ability to monitor and control the liquidity of the central bank on the circulation of interbank checks and also policy making this area for all member banks. It makes it possible for the next subsystem to transfer the image of the check instead of check itself and can transfer the result of checking the check in the destination bank to the source bank and also enable the processing of the transfer process and determining the check status between banks.

• Transferring normal and encrypted checks to responsible banks
• Transfer the answer to the check to the assigning bank
• Ability to transfer non-payment certificate between banks
• Generate Rial settlement file for normal checks
• Produce Rial settlement file for encrypted checks
• Production of deposit and withdrawal files for banks

Some of the key features are:

• Ability to communicate with banks centralized software using standard agreed format
• Settlement of retired check
• Reduce the risk of carrying a check
• Control liquidity and monitor turnover
• Reduce the time it takes to handle an interbank check
• Standardize the check procedure
• Using the central bank check standardization plan
• Use of Sayad system to validate Sayad inquiry code
• Ability to use symbol design
• Ability to process in-bank checks for the central bank through brokerage banks
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