Mainframe Support

Equipped with the most complete and modern hardware and software at the hands of best mainframe hardware and software experts, ISC supplies the processing needs of banks and financial entities through best integrated banking services in the country.
Most important activities in this area include:
• 24*7 maintenance and support for mainframe Hardware, OS, subsystems, and their communicating gates with other communication platforms on operational and support sites
• Study, recognition, and preparation for software and hardware requirements of banks
• Planning system software and hardware improvements or replacements
• Pumping tests on new products in similar operational environments
• Supporting bank branches and customer aid groups, operation control and support for system design, development and test groups
• Study of new hardware and software products presented by big global companies as well as feasibility study on synchronizing and using such products on final structure of current sites and underdevelopment banking services
• System study in operational environment and making required configurations for improved productivity and proper load distribution 
• Technical consultancy services for selection of technologies suitable for organizational needs, architectural design of service infrastructure, designing methods to migrate to new infrastructure, integration of available services with new technologies, process automation, networking design for data saving systems, defining backup methods and crisis time service retrieval approaches
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