Strategies and Objectives

In order to achieve our organizational vision, we at Informatics Services Corporation (ISC) developed a strategic plan in 2011, relying on the collective wisdom of our senior managers and strategic planning experts. This strategic plan has been revised in 2014. It includes 4 Goals, 7 strategic issues:

Our Goals:

We at ISC pursue the following goals:
1) Accomplishment of national–governmental missions
2) Pioneering in the banking automation industry by building secure national infrastructures and providing sustainable services
3) Promotion of the organizational excellence
4) On-going growth in profitability

Our Issues:

We at ISC focus on the following issues:
1) Developing and deploying governance systems and intra-bank products
2) Redesigning our company’s Business Model in order to secure incomes and improve profitability
3) Developing the electronic banking as well as national infrastructures to enhance the supervision role of the Senior Institution
4) Integrated Management of Information Security and Risk Management
5) Pioneering in the industry through innovation, agility and increased capacity
6) Becoming plan-oriented with the attitude of service sustainability and improvements in backup processes
7) Continuous empowerment and development of creative capacities of our human resources

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