Data Center Services

Includes all tasks for implementation, maintenance, navigation and support of operational sites. These collections of tasks provide proper environment for provision of quality, stable services to customers including state terminals and banks answering their various needs for processing, secure data saving, stable network communication, and privacy.
Services could be categorized as follows:
1. Support
24*7 support by experts in the fields of infrastructure, network, mainframe sites, integrated banking, modern banking, etc. constantly monitoring current activities, managing and solving any network or infrastructure, software or hardware, or security incident in least possible time
In addition to managing current situation, the data center support service is also assigned with testing, installation, initialization, and configuration of new equipment for development of available services or presentation of new ones.

2. Technical and educational consult
ISC experts are ready to provide technical consult for organizations about locating and installation of data centers, choosing technologies most suitable for organizational needs, architectural design of service infrastructure, designing methods to migrate to new infrastructure, integration of available services with new technologies, virtualization, process automation, designing organization data stock, design and development of data mining and bank data analysis sites, cloud processing service design, networking design for data saving systems, defining backup methods, crisis time service retrieval approaches, data center management, and navigation operation management 
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