Blockchain Platform

Borna Blockchain Platform – Financial and Banking Solutions 
Modern Trust Platform, Borna, is a platform for blockchain based financial and banking developers. Borna aims to provide banks and other financial institutions with an open, common and expandable blockchain infrastructure where they could develop their own services without worrying about meeting blockchain standards in connecting with other entities. 
Borna has three main levels. On the lowest level we have blockchain infrastructure including distributed databases and information validation nodes. 
Middle level is a common one where basic services are presented as basis for development of other blockchain products. Borna delivers three basic services at this level: 
-    Authentication services and interbank customer recognition
-    Token and cryptocurrency issuance and management 
-    Auditing 
On the highest level, all players including banks, industries, and even fintech can develop their exclusive services simply using the facilities and services on two previous levels adding a package of integrated services to Borna. This level could serve as a financial blockchain service development platform where banks could use the blockchain products and services presented by other players and even startups in their applications.
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