Open Banking Platform

Modern Integrated Data Hub Network (Shahin) – Open Banking Solution
As a local open banking ecosystem, Shahin gets basic services from different banks and delivers them to customers, businesses, FinTech and developers in APIs with unified format. Considering great demand for such services which are recalled in many applications, not only Shahin help increase banks’ customer base and consequently their revenue, it also improves satisfaction in API demands who prefer to use a single banking gate to connect to various banks. As an open banking hub, Shahin provides third parties with opportunity to access services from multiple banks on a safe single gate with a unique format, eliminating concerns for issues in connecting different formats. In line with new demands and regulations, there could be a potential for new services like banking business data and algorithm sharing with third party entities in addition to bank transactions.

Open Banking Solution Features:
•    Compatible with global standards including PSD2, OAuth2, REST
•    Highly scalable Microservice architecture
•    Station independent (server or client)
•    Service specific risk control based on duration, number, amount, credit, and calling model
•    Customer license management, revocable at anytime
•    Online billing 
•    Dynamic income and cost division among hub, bank, and third party
•    Fee allocation by third party entities in case of license requests 
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